Samantha Opp Music Therapist Piano Teacher

"My son thoroughly enjoyed learning music in a fun setting surrounded by his friends. Sam has established a wonderful way for children to explore the world of music." - April N., parent
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Group Lessons

Just like a classroom setting, group lessons allow students to share ideas and learn from one another. Here are some different types of group lessons I offer my students:


Two-By-Two is a ten-minute overlap between two student's lessons. This overlap creates the opportunity for students to practice a duet together, or to play a short music game that helps to reinforce lesson material.

Music Parties

Music parties give students opportunities to perform in front of a small audience and to give and receive positive feedback. Parties also include music games to reinforce the material learned during private lessons.

Big Brother/Big Sister

Last year, one of my five-year-old students came to her lesson with a smile on her face. Later on, I found out from her mom that she was teaching her parents how to play the piano! This student inspired me to give some of my intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to teach my beginning students a concept or an activity once every month. The older students can reinforce the material they have learned by teaching someone else under my supervision, while the younger student gets a few extra minutes of instruction free of charge!