Samantha Opp Music Therapist Piano Teacher

"I appreciate Sam's open communication through emails and texts. She has explained to me a holistic approach to piano lessons so that I may encourage my son." - Shelley T., parent
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Private Piano Lessons

Samantha Opp Going the Classical Route

This is the style I was taught as a child growing up in Hong Kong, where I took exams in the Royal Conservatory program. For the last four years, about 40% of my studio participated in the Illinois Achievement in Music piano exams. I am able to provide a structured and adjudicated approach to the classical tradition. Studying the piano in the classical style emphasizes technique, note reading, development of musicality, and the study of the best of the classical repertoire.

Music For Fun

For these students, I improvise and compose simple tunes with them as a creative outlet. I also arrange music that kids love, like video game tunes, movie theme songs, and pop tunes. At the same time, I believe it is important to build a solid musical foundation in every student. All of my students work on ear training, rhythmic exercises and music theory to grow their musicianship. Depending on their interests, my students might learn to read chord charts, traditional notation, or both.

Samantha Opp Student Interaction

My piano students interact with one another through opportunities like pair lessons, group lessons, game days, big brother/big sister teaching days and duets


I offer two or three recitals over the course of the year for students to showcase what they have learned. Although they are not mandatory, these recitals are highly recommended to bolster a student's growth in musicianship and realistic goal-setting for public performance. These recitals are often held at nursing homes to share the joy of music with the residents.

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