Samantha Opp Music Therapist Piano Teacher

"Sam is a great piano teacher who knows how to work with children. She has brought the joy of piano back to my son."
- Miki S., parent
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"Sam is one of the best piano teachers I have ever found for my 8 year old son. I highly recommend her. Sam's piano teaching is a perfect mix of fun and work; both qualities are essential to make a piano lesson successful. Sam is responsive to a child's musical understanding. Instead of following the songs one by one in the book, she let my son pick out songs he liked to play, or guided him to play the songs that might have suited his interest to make practice more fun. Sam is also a hard working teacher. She came to my house to teach, was always on time, and came organized and prepared. At the end of my son's lessons, after she left California for family reasons, Sam wrote two page transition note for my son. She is the first one who wrote this among all of the piano teachers my kids have had. She put in hard work and careful considerations for all of her students."
- Hong Zhang

"Our son Isaac, has really enjoyed Sam as a teacher these past 2 years and has improved with each lesson. He has become more confident and really looks forward to playing the piano. Sam has been very patient and encourages him to challenge himself to reach his potential. Thank You Sam!"
- Greg and Julie Bishop

"Lucas participated In music groups with Mrs. Opp for an entire school year. He thoroughly enjoyed learning about music in a fun setting surrounded by his friends. Mrs. Op has established a wonderful way for children to explore the world of music without committing to a specific instrument. Some of Lucas' favorite instruments to play were the drums, piano and oriff . He always enjoyed class and had a smile on his face when class was over. Mrs. Op is one of Lucas' favorite teachers. She is wonderful with both students and parents, cares for each student and has great communication and classroom management."
- April Nathan

"We have enjoyed Samantha Opp as Christian's piano teacher during the past two years. We will be sorry to see her move on. As a parent I appreciate the open communication with her directly, emails and texts. With her communications she has explained to me a holistic approach to piano lessons so that I may support her and encourage my son. Christian has been able to broaden his knowledge of music which involves writing his own piece and performing at recitals. I played for many years and was never given the opportunity to write."
- Shelley Toy

"Outside of being a skillful musician, Mrs. Opp is a very gifted teacher. She is interested in knowing her students and not just teaching them. She is patient, kind, has a good sense of humor, and communicates well. She is very creative at keeping lessons fun and interesting and coming up with unique reward systems that keeps our son motivated. She is also very helpful at providing study tools and tips for parents who aren't musically inclined."
- David & Jennifer Griffin

"Samantha keeps the lessons very interactive and my daughter had fun and learned about music at the same time! I loved how Samantha made learning to play the piano fun! My daughter loved the games! Paige loved her time & lessons with Samantha. She made music fun!"
- Jodi Van Loben Sels

"Sam is a great piano teacher that knows how to work with children. Sam has been great in bringing the joy of piano back to my son. When I asked my son whether he liked his piano teacher, he replied "I love my piano teacher" and when he found out that she is moving to Chicago, he said "then we have to move to Chicago". Needless to say, we are sad that we will no longer have Sam as our piano teacher but we wish her the best in Chicago. Sam's future students in Chicago will be so lucky to have her as their teacher."
- Miki Susanto

"I enjoyed Sam's interaction and teaching style with my little girl, and I liked my little girl's response to Sam's style."
- Anthony Cabreros

"Miss Sam was a fun teacher to have"
- Joli Hannibal (student)